Guest: Moshe

Welcome to episode 16!  This podcast is all about nerding out with fellow creators on camera gear, travelling, and all that stuff we creatives are obsessed with. In this episode my friend moshe takes over the mic and recounts his back story of bumming it through Europe, getting divorced, and becomming a successful English teacher for corporate businesses to keep funding his travels.  Moshe is often able to charge triple digit hourly rates for his consulting services.


- Intro 06:19
- Weed farming 20:50
- Things start to fall apart 28:22
- Divorce 38:00
- Needing to learn French 40:05
- Teaching English 44:08
- Teaching to pass Entrance Exams 53:00
- Starting to charge bigger money 59:55
- Getting clients 1:00:05
- Moshe's Reccomendation to become a teacher 1:17:20

Videos We Mention:
ISMO The word Shit - 
Napkin Video  -

 Speaking Agency -
 iTalkie -
 At The Hop:



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