Guest: Tal
YouTube Channel: The Travelling Clatt
Instagram: @thetravelingclatt
Twitter:    @travelingclatt
Welcome to episode 9!  This podcast is all about nerding out with fellow creators on camera gear, travelling, and all that stuff we creatives are obsessed with. In this episode Tal from The Travelling Clatt takes over the mic.  Tal caught the travel bug very early on with a trip to Africa in high school.  Not long after, Tal reached early stardom from a video about his journey on a container ship.  Since then he hasn't looked back as he lives the life of a travelling creative.  In this episode we talk a fair bit about the life of a creative, but led the conversation more towards life on the road.  This took a very interesting direction as Tal is well known for getting real with his listeners.  In this interview he did not disappoint.
- Intro 1:58
- Getting Into YouTube 5:34
- Where Tal's Initial growth came from 11:50
- How his parents reacted to his work 16:39
- On being real in your content 19:39
- Tal's time in NYC 23:57
- Early travel mistakes 33:44
- What Tal doesn't do when he gets to new places 35:45
- The problem with travel guides 39:43
- What's an Asia Day? 40:52
- Tal's favorite travel moments 50:15
- On animal tourism 53:56
- Tal's gear 1:01:58
- Tal's cringe worthy content 1:09:41
- Audio Funky Here 1:10:49
- Has Tal thought about quitting? 1:11:36
- Tal's dream colab 1:19:33
- Tal's dream project 1:20:54
Videos We Mention:
Tal's Africa announcement video:
Sony 18-200mm:
16mm prime lens:
Metal Gorilla pod:
Creators We Talked About:
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