Ep:6 - Dylan

Guest: Dylan Teychenne
Instagram: @dylan_teychenne
Welcome to episode 6!  Taking over the mic in this episode is my buddy Dylan.  Dylan and I met over a few beers in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Dylan is a young world traveler with a particularly interesting story from his time in Argentina where he learned to fly airplanes.  Normally learning to fly is associated with the wealthy, but Dylan spent a year living in Argentina and paid for his entire course for less than $10,000.
This episode is a little different from my other episodes.  I was enticed to share Dylan's story as I have been investigating Skill Focused Travel. Enjoy.
- Introduction 3:21
- Dylan Gets The Idea To Learn To Fly 21:07
- The Cost Of His Adventure 26:27
- Arriving An Argentina 31:19
- How The Class Was Structured 33:46
- What Dylan Did With His Free Time 37:47
- Dylan's Dilemma 47:24
- The Inspiration For The Trip 1:06:30
- Other SFT Dylan Is Interested In 1:15:04
- The Risks of Traveling 1:26:35
- The Costs Of Travel 1:31:37
- The Key To Transformative Travel 1:35:17
Music: https://youtu.be/q3WaMgam1uM
If you could learn a new skill anywhere in the world, what would you learn, and where would you learn it?
Have you ever spent time in a new country learning a new skill?  Share your story with me.  I want to hear it.
The Host: James Finn
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Instagram: @heyjamesfinn
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